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If you read the comments on Hackaday… god help you… you’ll eventually come across a few tropes that show up pretty frequently. The first is the ‘not a hack’ comment. An unusually insightful observation when it’s posted, no doubt. The second is the, “this is a new low for Hackaday.” This sort of comment usually comes up when someone does something new, but not difficult. Installing OpenCV on a Raspberry Pi, for instance. Or the marijuana hacks that showed up on the front page recently. Or anything to do with sex. That sort of thing.

I’ve been wanting to track how often these phrases are mentioned in the comments for a while now, and I think I have a solution.

boardIt’s a ‘shield’ for a Raspberry Pi. There’s not much to it – just two 7-segment displays connected directly to the GPIO pins. The shield is the same size as the Raspberry Pi PCB, so there should be plenty of space to write your own message in dry erase marker on the large silk rectangle.

The code for driving the 7-segments is easy. I’ll be writing a demo for this thing and hopefully getting it to interact with WordPress comments.

Of course you could use this for just about anything. Set it up to scan the closed captioning on Fox News to see how many days they can go without saying the word ‘socialism’. Point it at CNN to see how many days go by without a new cure for cancer. You could set it up to see how often issues of social mobility and class discrimination are mentioned in the media, but unfortunately the PCB isn’t big enough for that many digits.

Schematic, board, and eventually the code are up on my git.


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