I have finally arrived

Late last year something pretty interesting hit the Hackaday tip line. It was a hack involving those Internet-connected TouchTunes jukeboxes that are in just about every bar and pub I’ve ever been to.

The guy who sent in this hack, Reza Hussain, figured out a very, very easy way to get free credits on any TouchTunes jukebox. I wrote up a short summary of the build, posted it on Hackaday, and all was well and good with the world.

It seems when you give out information about how to bypass security measures on jukeboxes, some people get a little antsy. Today I received via FedEx (overnight, even!) a nice little legal form letter telling me to take my post down (at the bottom of this post, click to embiggen). I’m

Long story short, and even though TouchTunes won’t be able to collect on any lawsuit, the post is now gone from Hackaday. Pick your battles, or something like that. It’s a sad day, but look on the bright side: from 2004 to 2011, Hackaday didn’t have any legal threats to change or remove a post. In the last year, we’ve now had two (the other one was from Tazer International for our TazerDrone). Looks like we’re moving up in the world.



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