The Boh-clipse

Mr. Boh, seen above, is the mascot for National Bohemian beer, and a neon fixture on the Baltimore skyline. A few months ago, a friend in Baltimore posted this picture on his Facebook wall:

Naturally, the only reasonable course of action was to figure out when Mr. Boh would occlude the moon. Naturally, this meant doing some math. After figuring out the exact GPS coordinates of my friend’s house and the Mr. Boh sign, I opened up Celestia and got this result:

So, according to my calculations, the Boh-clipse will occur on March 19th, 2011 at around 20:08 EDT. I guess I’ll see what happens then.


EDIT APR 07 2011: No one I know was in Baltimore during the Bohclipse. Oh boy, more math.

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